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"Show up to learn more, to be compassionate, to do the work and be the best version of yourself."

Laurie Borrett


Laurie Borrett is

a yogini & athlete, accomplished runner, teacher, holistic health coach, mother and military wife currently based in the San Diego area. She has always known that her passions would lead to a career in fitness and health. In a sense it has always been her dharma to share her love of movement and wellness with others.

Catch up on the latest from Laurie on everything  from recipes, wellness, motherhood and more.


"How you choose to show up in the world magnetizes what shows up for you."

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 Laurie is a fantastic yoga instructor! I’ve been having virtual personal training sessions on Flexit with her for over a year now. She tailors sessions to your individual needs and style. My sessions are always a pleasure to attend, they are informative and fun and constantly keep you engaged. I always leave feeling empowered and strong with a deep sense of calm and peace! She’s truly one of a kind! 


- Maria L.

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